Bridal Registries


With the internet becoming more user friendly, it just makes sense to have a Bridal Registry for all of your out of town guests. This makes others shopping for you as painless as possible. Have you ever heard or said, ” I just don’t know what to get them.” This takes the guess work out of it and saves you from having to make exchanges. You pick the items and colors you want. Or be brave and pick the pattern and let Thor decide on what colors to make things. This makes your dinnerware completely unique. Pieces are individually made when ordered and therefore, will not be individually wrapped. They do come with a card and personalized message.  If the item is shipped, it will need to be inspected for damage.  The following couples have registered with us. If you would like to register or have any questions, please call 866-836-8190.


Jenalyn Parrish & Samuel Wilson


Taylor Bain & Dylan Roberts


Mallory England & Dallas Felton